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We're honoured to have taught thousands of students how to be more profitable and make a greater impact in business. Here are what some of our past and private members have said about working with Clive Maloney at Get Real About Business.


Real Results, Real Impact

Clive helped me create my unique business system which I’m super proud of, which not only has really improved my own business, but I’m now doing personal speaking at several regional events (another goal achieved!) sharing that very system with hundreds of others to improve their businesses too!

I’ve achieved more in these last few months working with Clive than I’ve done in several years! And the more I achieve – the more I seem to do! So the best is definitely yet to come!

Elaine Williamson

Phoenix Partnership (East)

Clive is constantly looking at providing new, up to date information and business tips that I otherwise wouldn’t find or consider. He manages the face to face mastermind group sessions in a consistent and friendly fashion which means I can always rely on getting something of value and benefit from each meeting.

Clive’s masterminds are a great way of becoming accountable to your business, learning from Clive himself and the other attendees and I would definitely recommend Clive as a business coach and mentor.

Mark Sexton - Director

Adebo Coaching

I just wanted to say a big thank you to Clive as I only had a few sessions with him a few years ago as a business owner before my personal circumstances changed and I went back into the world of work. He gave me a strategy for client intake and practised with me till I felt confident implementing it – I saw an immediate difference at the time, taking on a new client a few days afterwards at a MUCH higher rate than I’d previously ever thought to charge.

Now that I’m preparing to relaunch a new business and I had a lady interested in my services – I looked back through my notes and remembered the advice Clive had given: I was able to communicate so effectively that I now have my first client under my belt! I think it really speaks volumes when you get both a short-term return investment and are still seeing the benefits years later. I would highly recommend Clive’s services for any business owners who are looking to improve their sales, smarten up their processes and take their confidence to new heights.

Lorraine Adebowale - Entrepreneur

Proofreader and Copywriter

[I am a] proofreader, copy-editor and copywriter.

Before joining the Mastermind Programme, for the first two years in building my business, I knew that I needed some guidance and "hand-holding". I felt I was aimlessly wandering in my business, wasting money on software or schemes that I couldn't stick with for long. I even came close to giving up and getting a nine-to-five job.

I had no previous experience of running a business, and I missed the office environment where there was always someone close by you could ask for help, even if they were not experts - often we would be able to support each other, but suddenly, you are on your own.

I had tried getting involved with a Virtual Assistant training company, also I had a mentor for a short while with a local small-business start-up scheme.

I never found quite the right mentor relationship or the right group of VAs who shared my particular set of skills or challenges. The mentoring calls often were cancelled or rescheduled and the lack of continuity was disappointing.

The mastermind helped and continues to help me because of the accountability and consistency that are built in, together with the evident skill and experience that Clive has. Confidence-building is part and parcel of the masterminds, together with being able to brainstorm with other business owners who are at a similar stage in developing their business. Each of us at some time seems to have similar issues or questions which another member of the group may have managed to tackle for themselves and is able to share that experience to the benefit of everyone.

I was particularly pleased to be introduced to the concept of a "stalk list," as this keeps at the front of your mind those prospects who might become clients if you build a friendly relationship with them, over however long a period of time. I was able to weave some "good habits" into my daily pattern: an early morning walk in the summer brushes the sleep from my eyes and helps to crystalise my intended actions for the day while getting some extra oxygen to my system and some exercise to my desk-bound muscles!

I think I would feel totally lost in my business if I didn't have the Mastermind to harness myself to. It would feel literally like being in a boat, cast adrift.

This programme has set a spotlight on actions that were getting me nowhere, showing up where my priorities were back to front. That's not to say that I follow everything to the letter - there is always the voice telling me I can choose my own actions and times as a self-employed business owner, but at the end of the day, I am still in the process of "earning" the right to choose how and when I work - it's a continuous journey that cannot stand still, and I believe I will continue in a positive direction, as long as I take action on the things I learn.

Don't hesitate [in making the decision to join the programme] - Clive has an infinite amount of wisdom which he freely shares with the Mastermind members, and is very generous with his time, particularly with the 121 coaching sessions if you join that scheme. And importantly, in my opinion, he never cancels or reschedules. He is consistent, reliable and full of nuggets of wisdom and insights that have helped take my business forward in a way I could not have done on my own.

Janice Gilbert - Business owner

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