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How to Grow a 6-Figure Business in a Saturated Market Without Competing on Price

#21: How To Grow a 6-Figure Business in a Saturated Market Without Competing On Price

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Starting a business is a serious affair for most people, but what if you were to do it in a completely different country in a market that was saturated with rival companies wanting to offer the same service for cheaper? Could you turn it into a 6-figure business?

Well, that’s what Bob Buckley did when he started his language school in Germany. Ironically, Bob’s says it was his naivety that proved most useful. He was not stuck with the same thinking and tactics that everyone else was using. He approached the market with a completely fresh set of eyes.

Throw out the rulebook – A surprisingly effective way to create a 6-figure business.

Without a doubt, this has been one of my most fascinating interviews to date. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed producing it.

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Special thanks to Bob Buckley for joining me this episode. Until next time!

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