The Anarchist is the type of person who likes to do things differently. 

The Anarchist

The Anarchist is the perfect type of entrepreneur to lead any start-up or fledgling business. Anarchists are also great for completely rebranding a company and taking it to a new space, gaining customers very quickly.

Your main strength is disruption. While many businesses are focussing on competing on price or quality of service, you tend to find a space where you don't have to compete at all. You do this by providing something sufficiently unique that customers find it hard to compare your company with other providers in your space.

Famous examples of businesses who utilised disruptive marketing include Apple, Nike, Toyota and Air Wick.


  • Competition may be limited
  • It's better to be the marketing disruption than the disrupted
  • You may be able to sell your business at a premium


  • Earning customers' trust is challenging
  • Larger companies may try to prevent your success
  • Very few disruptive businesses succeed in the long run

Key Takeaway: Starting a Disruptive Business Is Risky, But the Payoff Can Be Big

While starting a business always comes with risks, the potential payoff can be huge. According to one in 19,550 start-ups will become a unicorn worth at least $1 billion. The odds may not be in your favour, but if you have an idea you believe in, it’s worth weighing the risks against the potential gain.

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