April 21

#60: How to be an Authority in Your Industry by Becoming an Author


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Want to know the ultimate business card is? Believe it or not, it's a book.

More and more experts are writing these days as a way of demonstrating their expertise and positioning themselves as the go-to person in their industry. You can do it too!

Just think about it for a moment... If you were considering hiring someone to give advice, consultancy or solve a problem, you want to hire an expert, right?

There is no better way to show that you're an expert than being a published author (or perhaps speaking on stage or TV).

While it takes time and effort to write a book, it's something most people can achieve and there's a lot of help and advice available. You've then got a killer business card you can give (or sell) to would-be clients and sky-rocket yourself up to the top of their list for who to hire.

Even publishing isn't an issue these days with the ability to self-publish.

My guest today is a friend of the show, Karen Williams. Karen appeared on the Get Real About Business Podcast back on episode 16. Her latest book Becoming an Authority is now out and I invited her back to tell all.

Organisation is Key

I've always shyed away from writing a book mainly because it seemed like a lot of work and I didn't really know where to start.

However, listening to Karen in the interview I realised that if you get two things rights, the task is a lot easier:

  1. Map out the structure of your book before you begin. Organise your key messages into a logical order and everything will be a lot easier.
  2. Start marketing your book before you've finished writing it. This builds momentum for your book launch and it also creates public accountability (check out the 4 levels of accountability I discussed in episode 28).

"When you've got a really clear structure for your book it makes it easier to write it." - Karen Williams on Becoming an Authority

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If Karen and I achieve anything on this podcast I hope we at least inspire you to get started.

Get in touch with Karen if you're looking for a book mentor, or if info products are more your thing, you can speak to me direct. We'd both be happy to hear from you.

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Special thanks to Karen Williams for joining me this episode. Until next time!

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