January 17

#26: Making 2018 a Breakthrough Year for Your Business


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January is the natural time of year when we all feel like stepping things up. If I could bottle that excitement and the good intentions I would.

Unfortunately, these good intentions often mean little when it comes to sustainable results in our businesses. We set New Year Resolutions and we don’t stick to them. We draw up plans and we don’t see them through.

The problem has everything to do with the fat guy and the skinny guy. We have this internal dialogue that goes on all the time about what course of action to take, what’s easiest and what’s best.

Most often we take the easy route. We put off the difficult tasks and we allow ourselves to become distracted and waylaid.

27% of the average UK workers’ day is wasted on procrastination and meaningless activities. It’s worse for entrepreneurs.

According to a survey by Rebootonline the average worker spends 2 hours and 2 minutes a day procrastinating. I expect it’s worse for most entrepreneurs.

That’s what we’re talking about in this episode – how we can stop falling into bad habits and create greater levels of productivity and personal excellence. We take a deep dive into why one year feels pretty much like the last and what’s preventing you from seeing through your big plans and making them a reality.

In this episode, I’ll uncover what I believe are the top three things you can do to make 2018 a breakthrough year. I share how I’m going about it and walk you through the process of implementing them in your business.

Today's free cheat sheet

To help you implement these ideas I’ve put together a cheat sheet. Use this to implement the strategies in your business. I’ve even included what I’m doing at the moment by way of example.



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