April 4

#46: If You Were Able to Collaborate with… [Insert Dream Person] What Would That Look Like?


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Collaborations and joint ventures are a wonderful way to get projects finished at a rapid pace. You get to share the load, pool your talents, ideas and creativity. The result is often an end product that’s much better than what any individual could have done by themselves.

Aside from the benefits of pooling talent to get a job done lickety-split, collaborations are a huge opportunity for personal growth.

You get to work alongside people you respect and admire. You get to see how they tackle workflows and problems. It’s a little like getting a window into their world. It opens up new possibilities and at the end of it, you have relationships that are much stronger and closer than you had before.

Unfortunately, not all collaborations and joint ventures end up that way. Some are difficult, frustrating and can lead to broken relationships and resentment. In fairness, they tend to be fewer, but the sad truth is that some collaborations can be a huge time suck with little to no reward.

Why is that some collaborations succeed and others don’t?

Best intentions aside (because no one sets out for a collaboration to fail), a lot of it has to do with how you set the collaboration up in the first place. You need a set of shared expectations – operating instructions if you will – that means everyone knows how to communicate and work together well.

Gill TineyTo help tackle this subject I turn to my old friend, Gill Tiney of BeCollaboration. Gill has worked as a business coach for many years and more recently partnered up with Erkan Ali to establish a set of workshops up and down the country that provide a platform for collaborations.

If anyone knew how to set up the hottest collaborations it was sure to be Gill.

In this episode, Gill and I discuss:

  • Why you should say "yes" to collaborations and what you stand to gain.
  • The faulty thinking that many people have about collaborations and how to think about them differently.
  • Why some collaborations fail and others succeed.
  • How to set up your collaboration the right way so the odds are stacked in your favour.
  • What to do if something goes wrong and your fellow collaborators say or do something that's difficult.

Today's free cheat sheet

In order to help you get your collaborations and joint ventures off to a flying start I'm making available one of my cheat sheets. In this free download I explain 25 essential rules for making sure that your collaborations are a success.



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Special thanks to Gill Tiney for joining me this episode. Until next time!

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