March 5

#58: How to Create Your First (or Most Profitable) Information Product


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For service providers, coach, consultants and experts of all kinds, the need to differentiate yourself and provide value leading to a sale has never been more important. That's where creating an information product comes in.

An information product is simply a product that you create to teach something that you are an expert in. It could be delivered as text, audio or video. The format can vary. The most important thing is that it positions you as a credible expert in your field and builds reciprocity with the people who consume it.

This is your way in. An information product is like a juicy carrot used to entice people into having a conversation with you or making a purchase. 

Since nobody wants to be sold to anymore, leading your sales funnel with an information product often works far better than going out with a product offer.

Creating Your Information Product

In today's podcast I speak with the UK's most prolific information product creator, Peter Thomson. 

During the interview Peter reveals:

  • A 6-step formula for creating your information product.
  • How to come up with a compelling name for your info product.
  • How to leverage toward and away motivators during and in promotion of your information product.
  • Peter's top strategy for writing a business book in 5-days or less.

Silently Begging to be Led

Peter shares a wonderful expression in the podcast that I'd never heard before - "People are silentily begging to be led."

We are all looking for answers in our lives and solutions to problems. Information products can provide that to your audience.

Most likely though, it's not the information product itself that makes you money. It's what you lead people to within or after the information product where the money lies. All you need do is provide enough value within your content.

In consuming your content your readers start to feel like they know you and can trust you, and since sales are built on trust, information products can be a valuable addition to your marketing plan.

"Money is the silent applause for a job well done and value given to others." - Peter Thomson

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As you'll discover, this is a very practical episode with lots of tips to help you get your information product finished and in the hands of your readers.

To make things even more simple, I've distilled the frameworks discussed in the podcast down into a simple cheat sheet. I've even made of list of different info product types you can create with pros and cons for each.



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