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3 Steps to Defining Your Brand with Nick Crowe

#30: 3 Steps to Defining Your Brand with Nick Crowe

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It nearly always starts with a logo, website or business card. When you start your business that’s probably what you first thing of, but businesses that don’t expand their definition of brand identity are doomed to obscurity.

Branding for small and startup businesses can often be overlooked. When your business is growing and money is tight, you tend to concentrate on more pressing concerns.

Sure, of course you need a logo. Business cards make sense and people are going to want to look you up on the Internet, so a website seems like a must.

So that’s where we start. We have different designers doing their own things all working in a haphazard way.

What we soon realise is that brand is much more than this. Branding is everything connected to how your company looks and sounds. It’s also the emotional connection that occurs when people think about you or your company.

Nick CroweWhat you’ll get from this podcast

In order to help you tie all this together, I invited brand specialist Nick Crowe to come and share his thoughts.

As usual, there a bunch of tips and ideas for you, but pay particular attention to the brand attributes exercise Nick runs through with you. This exercise alone should get you on the right path to building a strong and compelling brand.

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Special thanks to Nick Crowe for joining me this episode. Until next time!

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