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How to Deliver Powerful Presentations with Dustin Mathews

#22: How to Deliver Powerful Presentations with Dustin Mathews

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Having generated over $43 million dollars in sales and filled over 3,000 events it’s fair to say that Dustin Mathews has it all figured out when it comes to delivering presentations for your business.

Yet like many people, he began his speaking career full of nerves – and convinced his baby face would mean no one would take him seriously.

Dustin, like many who come into public speaking, was a reluctant speaker himself. His bosses gave him an ultimatum. He had to do some public speaking or they’d fire him. Since then Dustin has shared the stage with athletes, celebrities and titans of business.

In today’s episode, I get Dustin to share some of his insights and tips for delivering great presentations.

Today's free cheat sheet

This really is a jam-packed episode and Dustin was very generous with his presentation tips and ideas. What I’ve done is put them all together in a simple cheat sheet for you to download and refer to when you’re next planning a presentation.



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Special thanks to Dustin Mathews for joining me this episode. Until next time!

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