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#35: Developing High Performance Teams with Andrew Jenkins

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Andrew JenkinsHiring the right people for your team and managing them well can be the crux of whether your fledgeling business flies or flops.

Finding the right people to start with can be a challenge. How will you know if they are a good fit for the business – or you? Will you be able to handle conflict? Will you be able to deliver feedback? Or take it?

With this in mind, I caught up with my good friend and mentor Andrew Jenkins. It just happens that he recently launched his new book, Developing High-Performance Teams.

One thing I enjoy about the way Andrew works is that much of what he shares is based on research and explained through practical models that we can all apply. 

Andrew’s book is jam-packed with practical tips and tools, a number of which I’ve actually used in my own Masterminds and coaching sessions. Why? Because heck – they work!

In Today's Podcast

In this podcast, Andrew shares some of the team development strategies in his book. He identifies the mistakes to avoid in managing your team, and four major competencies which will be the foundation to your business’ exceptional success moving forward.

Andrew and I discuss how to deal with conflict within the team - it’s something that has to be learned as few of us are naturally well-equipped to deal with this.

He talks about how to build trust and how time away from work with your team can make an enormous difference and speed up the trust-building process.

Andrew also offers guidance on giving performance feedback – and taking it as well. In fact he says, the more you do it, the better teams seem to like it!

A fun little tip he gives is spotting foxes, dolphins, baboons and sheep in your team. Once you can spot certain characteristics or traits, it will make it easier for you to spot toxic personalities and pick people who will fit well in your team.

Today's Free Download

This week’s cheat sheet is something I think you'll find really useful.

Part one of the cheat sheet outlines the Thomas-Kilmann conflict handling model.  Use this to identify your own default conflict handling style alongside those of your team. The model helps explain the way we behave, provides a common language we can use to identify those behaviours and provides some clues to making your interactions with others more effective.

In the second part I have a simple but incredibly handy table that outlines the various stages of building a team charter together with questions you can use to facilitate the session and notes to help you make it an exercise that will prove its value for years to come.



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Special thanks to Andrew Jenkins for joining me this episode. Until next time!

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