March 9

#59: How to Get Referrals Without Making it Hard Work or Sounding Desperate


Today's Guest 

What You'll Learn

Ask just about any business and they'll probably tell you that they rely on getting referrals as a way to market their business.

Referral marketing is possibly the easiest way to sell. Other people identify potential customers for you and make an introduction. The prospect has already been warmed up, they're open to talking with you, and the deal is easier to close.

Everybody gets referrals. There are networking meetings nearly every day of the week and some network events even reward their members for referrals given.

So why then is it so damn difficult to get referrals? 

The problem is that you don't have a strategy. Or if you've got a strategy, the strategy is weak or ineffective.

My guest today is Steve Gordon. He is an expert in marketing and sales and the host of Unstoppable CEO Podcast. 

Steve loves referral marketing and in today's podcast, he shares a masterclass on how to generate more referrals. Steve also shares his approach for business planning and how to get ahead in 2020.

In today's podcast, you will learn:

  • Four areas that most business owners struggle with and keep them from making more money
  • Why many entrepreneurs fail to properly identify their niche and target market
  • How to generate clients more easily through referral marketing

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