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Getting Leads on Facebook with Internet Marketer, Sam Bailey

#23: Getting Leads on Facebook with Internet Marketer, Sam Bailey

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Most first-time entrepreneurs I speak with about getting leads on Facebook have a bit of a love-hate relationship with the platform.

They see the massive potential and they love using the platform, but running ads on Facebook seems confusing. They also struggle to generate leads through organic posts.

Facebook has one of the best lead generation tools (PPC marketing) in the business. To help you tap into it and drive down your marketing costs, I enlisted my friend and Internet Marketer, Sam Bailey.

Community-based businesses and membership services are having a lot of success with getting leads on Facebook right now.

Should I be Using Facebook Ads?

While Facebook ads aren’t right for every business, it’s certainly a viable lead generation platform (or at least branding tool) for most.

According to Sam Bailey, businesses that offer membership services fair particularly well. It makes sense; Facebook is a social platform, so any business that engages with groups of customers and with communities are bound to particularly do well.

But it’s not just those companies who can prosper well through using Facebook ads. In my interview with Sam Bailey, we discuss who else can benefit, and more importantly, how they can get the most from their advertisement spend.

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Special thanks to Sam Bailey for joining me this episode. Until next time!

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Clive Maloney has been helping small business owners double and often triple their sales for nearly a decade. He is the host of the 5-star rated Get Real About Business Podcast. He lives in Essex and is married to his wonderful wife Julie and has two sons, Peter and Craig, and a dog called Max.

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  • Doug Morneau says:

    I love the pay to play model. It reduces the number of competitors who simply won’t pay to advertise, or don’t know their numbers and can’t sustain a paid Facebook advertising campaign.

    Great conversion numbers that Sam shared, give before you ask – then a 50% conversion to sales following the give.

    • Great way to look at it Doug. I know PPC can seem confusing at first but it’s worth learning and in my mind there’s no better way to get your content in front of highly qualified leads. It’s all on the targeting. Thanks for checking out the podcast Doug. Keep doing what you’re doing.

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