26 October 2020

#2.02 Inspiring Others through Enlightened Leadership


Do you ever get frustrated that your team members don't work hard enough, don't take enough initiative, or are completely unable to self-manage? Chances are that while you never intended it, you actually created the situation. 

So how do you effectively lead others to greater heights of productivity and performance? The answer is to re-examine the way in which you lead others. 

Leadership, sales, and marketing are all about one thing: influence.

By becoming a better, more enlightened leader you have a greater capacity to influence others and make them want to perform better and put in that extra bit of discretionary effort that gets things done even in times of great stress.

In this episode, we break down what it takes to become a more confident, effective, and enlightened leader. 

Today's Guest


Gina Gardiner

Gina Gardiner is a multiple No 1 International Bestselling Author, Motivational Speaker, Empowerment Coach and Transformational Leadership Trainer with 30+ years of experience. Founder of the Thrive Together Tribe personal and spiritual development programme and The Enlightened Leadership Programme.

What You'll Learn

Topics Covered

  • [1:12] Why Clive was warned off from his first position in leadership
  • [2:42] Leadership, marketing, and sales are about one thing
  • [7:39] When Gina realised she was meant to be a leader
  • [8:58] Leadership is not about physicality
  • [10:24] Leadership can be a positive or negative experience
  • [13:12] Growth of toxic environments since 2009
  • [14:30] Longterm effects of poor leadership
  • [16:14] Investing in the currency of goodwill
  • [18:19] Leadership starts with you
  • [17:06] Giving yourself permission
  • [22:45] How we inadvertently teach people to underperform
  • [27:28] Fighting against stress responses and building new coping strategies
  • [29:45] What is "enlightened" leadership?
  • [31:22] Addressing poor performance
  • [32:18] Addressing the "why" for each of your team members
  • [34:05] Leaving a living legacy in a time of human watershed
  • [37:05] Stepping into your power
  • [38:06] Situational versus positional leadership
  • [41:17] Techniques for "faking it until you make it"
  • [44:45] Learning to harness your physiology
  • [49:34] Don't make these mistakes!
  • [53:50] Start with this one thing today

Top 3 Value Bombs

  • [16:14] Investing in the currency of goodwill
  • [27:28] Fighting against stress responses and building new coping strategies
  • [38:06] Situational versus positional leadership


  • [22:45] How we inadvertently teach people to underperform
  • [41:17] Techniques for "faking it until you make it"

For a more complete list of everything discussed check out the "What You'll Learn" pulldown section above.

Putting Enlightened Leadership into Practice

While so often we look at others around us and wish they'd change, all change starts with ourselves and it's important to claim the right to lead if you want your business to be successful.

Too many people get hung up on job titles and labels. Leadership transcends such things.

Of the dozens and dozens of leadership courses I used to deliver, one of the most common pieces of feedback I received was how fixated people were about being the "positional leader." Some had the title (manager, CEO, etc.), some didn't; but it rarely made people feel like a leader.

True leaders emerge quickly in group settings, regardless of their position. That's about confidence and the willingness to stand up and be counted.

"In the first instance, you have to claim the power to lead yourself. That's about your relationship with you. Do you have a sense of self-worth? Do you have self-confidence?" - Gina Gardiner

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What will you do to become a better, more enlightened leader today?

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