October 15

#20: Interview with Successful Mortgage Adviser, Tony Baker


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You know you’re getting a few things right when someone phones you up to do a million pound deal and your first reaction is, “God no. How am I going to find time to do that?”

That was an experience Tony Baker relayed during a coaching session he had with me. Don’t get me wrong. Tony was grateful for another deal, but success breeds new problems and this is one on balance he was glad to have.

What is Tony doing to get him that crazy busy with new clients all the time?

Well, marketing has changed a lot over the years. What was working before is no longer so effective nowadays. While marketers preach modern marketing practices, one thing that has always worked (and always will) is getting on the phone or speaking to someone in person. That is exactly what Tony has been doing.

Sometimes you just can’t substitute the phone and shoe leather for growing a business.

Whenever I see someone performing well, my first thought is to ask them how they do it. That’s why I asked Tony on the show today. To share his story and try to identify what it is that’s making him so successful.

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Special thanks to Tony Baker for joining me this episode. Until next time!



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