September 5

#51: Entrepreneur & TV Presenter Johny Pach Talks Success in Business

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While most people may know Johny Pach as TV Presenter and interviewer at Red Carpet movie events, Johny is fast making his name as a marketing expert specialising in lead generation for property, trading and investment companies.

Johny had been doing some work with my good friend Jeff Spires (my guest in episode 15) and so when Jeff told me about Johny’s story and how he’d made the transition from TV Presenting to the world of business, I knew I wanted Johny for the show.

You see, there is a lot we can can learn from the world of television. Just like growing a small business, TV relies on the art of influence. As we discuss in the episode, even the act of creating a TV personality is an act of influence. It is this influence and this excitement that John generates that is creating consistent results not just for Johny’s clients but also for his own marketing business, NXT Generation.

In my interview with Johny Pach we discuss the significant factors that led to Johny’s success and what he believes are the secrets to generating higher quality leads. These are people more likely to convert to clients. They are also people who once they’ve become your client they:

  • Value what you offer
  • Respects your time
  • Pays you without fuss
  • Enjoys working with you and recommends your services

Johny's 4 Stage Marketing Plan

During the episode Johny breaks down an incredibly simple but effective marketing plan:

  1. 1
    Create a simple product that appeals to a large group of people
  2. 2
    Generate crisp and high quality marketing content. Quality really matters.
  3. 3
    Optimise your social media accounts and post 3 times a day on every channel.
  4. 4
    Leverage customer testimonials to provide social proof and generate excitement.

"Keep it simple, professional looking and informative." - Johny Pach on what makes great marketing.

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