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Fed up with slogging away and feeling like you're getting nowhere?

Not Enough Sales?

The Get Real About Business Virtual Academy Inner Circle is the only business-building membership that meets you exactly where you are in business and takes you where you want to go, smartly.

No more overwhelm. No more wasted money, time or effort.

Exactly what you need to build, grow and scale your business.

You've had your fill of doing the daily grind, working for someone else...

It's crazy that some people feel 2-5 years in business is a long time, but don't feel that 40 years at a JOB is a long time to stay broke.

This is why you got out, right?

Because you were sick of working the 40-40-40 plan. You know what I mean. Where you work in a JOB 40 hours a week for 40 years of your life and retire on 40% of your BASIC salary.

Speaking of JOB, you know that's just an anagram for Just Over Broke, don't you?

You understand (all too well) that sinking feeling when...

  • You've had the MOST AMAZING weekend. You wake up to your alarm clock, realise it's Monday morning (groan) and drag yourself out of bed only to do the same old thing you've been doing for years.
  • You've discovered a new passion or interest. You want to devote yourself to it fully, but when you look at the time and the costs involved there's no way you can do it.
  • Your boss is driving you NUTS! He's nice enough but he just doesn't get you. You've got all these cool ideas but he's too stuck in his ways. If he'd only just listen!
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    You've been looking to go away somewhere special this year. You've been saving up and you've found the perfect place to go. You're psyched about it. That's when you realise you've got to get your boss to agree for you to take time off when other people have booked it off already.

You feel like pulling a sicky or telling your boss your dog died. Anything to avoid going in.

How the heck did you end up here?
Clue: It's probably not your fault.

While some (relatively few) people always knew what they wanted to do in life, most people are just victims of circumstance.

Think about it a minute...

  • You grow up and play with the local kids in your neighbourhood.
  • You go to the local school. Your teacher puts you in a class with the local people that they choose, based on where they think you're at and what's convenient for them.
  • You take your subjects and do exams based on poor quality careers information.
  • check
    Depending on how you do, you go to college and do more study. Again, based on poor career information and what other people said you should do.
  • check
    It's time to get a JOB. There's very little about and it's hard to get started. So you find something that's local and convenient. It's probably not what you really want. But it's temporary right? Right?
  • check
    Some years later you realise you've drifted from JOB to JOB. Things have been okay but it's hardly the ideal lifestyle.

NEVER once did someone say, HELL NO! Why work the 9-5 anyway?

It's time to take control of your life, stop doing what other people told you or what you were expected to do.

It's time to start to living your life in the way that you want, with the people that you want, doing the things that you want.

It's time to start a business and be your own boss.

Of course! This is the thing that's been missing in your life. It means you can finally...

  • Work the hours and the schedule that you want to work. (No more late shifts!)
  • Work on the things you're most excited about and with the people that you want. (Finally!)
  • Work from anywhere in the world... your home, your own private office/studio, a coffee shop, the airport - the sky is the limit.
  • check
    Take time off to do the IMPORTANT stuff in life like travel, see friends and go on holiday. (Heck yeah!)
  • check
    Get paid as much money as you want. Because you KNOW you're worth it, right?

You've got this. You're talented at what you do. You're ready to take on the world and you can accomplish anything!

But there's just one little snag...

Getting a business off the ground is not the easiest thing in the world. Recent studies show that fewer than 50% of business survive until year four. With the death of each of those businesses comes the death of someone's dreams.

I'll be completely honest with you. While your earnings potential of running a business is WAY higher than working for someone else, it takes a lot of hard work and there's a lot to learn. Running your own business can be the most thrilling and rewarding thing you can ever do. It's also the most scary and overwhelming.

Why is this?​

Reason 1

Most people who start a business (I was no different) are technical experts in a particular field but have next to no experience in sales and marketing. They assume because they offer great services and they've worked for companies in the past, all they've got to do is spread the word. Sales and marketing is a specialist skill. That's why consultants make a killing helping businesses drive up sales. 

Reason 2

When you worked for someone else, even if you were a manager, you were largely responsible for one area of business. When you run your own business, you're responsible for EVERYTHING! Product development, service delivery, admin, bookkeeping, systems development. The list goes on. Suddenly there's a whole bunch of stuff you've got to learn and do - at least until you can earn enough money to pay someone else to do it for you.

Reason 3

Finding the right way to grow your business can be really tough. There are so many "experts" out there and even your friends and family have an opinion. The trouble is, they all say something different. It's difficult to know who to listen to. As a result you tend to end up wasting a lot of time trying things out only to hit some kind of problem - or someone else tells you to do it differently.  And time is money, right? You can't play around forever trying things out. 

Well, I get it and I've been there. That's why I created the “Virtual Academy Inner Circle.

All the training, mentoring and support you need to get things done in your business so you can quit playing around and start earning more money.

In short, here's what you can expect on the Virtual Academy Inner  Circle..

  • 1
    Personalised advice: I'll be there to guide you, answer questions, provide feedback and inspiration for what to do next via our private Facebook group. You can even book 1-2-1 booster sessions where I'll coach you in person.
  • 2
    A close-knit community: Be part of a growing community of people who are going through the same problems, challenges and issues. Get their support and encouragement as you share their journey and your success.
  • 3
    Results oriented training: Unlike most membership sites, the Virtual Academy Inner Circle comes with ZERO fluff. All the training is tailored around what you need to create results and profits in your business. New content is added regularly. Everything is simple, practical, step-by-step, hold you by the hand type training.

And all for one simple monthly fee...

(Hint: It's less than a daily cup of coffee at Costa Coffee)

Get My System!

Having personally coached and mentored dozens of entrepreneurs to grow their business, I've learnt more than a few things about the fastest way to achieve it.

The Get Real Growth Engine is the system I use with all my clients. It takes into account EVERY aspect you need in order to create a thriving and profitable business.

Every month I release new videos, workbooks, cheatsheets and materials showing you how to implement this system in your business.

It's the same system I've used to help my clients x2, x3 and even x4 their business.

I give you everything you need to implement the system in your business. And the best thing about it is that it's not a "one hat fits all" approach. It's designed specifically to allow you to create a business that suits you.

If you get stuck, just head for our private community page and I'll be there for you. You can even book a private coaching session with me.

Get Real Growth Engine

So what exactly do I get?

The Get Real About Business Virtual Academy Inner Circle gives you a complete online membership community with all the systems and training you need to start making more money in your business.

Here's what you get...

The Expertise

The expertise of a professional business coach with 25+ years of experiencing in teaching, coaching and mentoring people in business.

The Training

Unlimited access to ALL my step-by-step mini-courses plus one mastery level course of your choice. If I were to sell these materials separately the price would be in the thousands.

The Tips & Tricks

Weekly(ish) Tips and Tricks videos to show you cool things you can do in your business and answer FAQs we're getting on our community page.

The Community

A private member community (Facebook group) where you can ask questions, get support and get involved with other people who are growing their business alongside yours.

The Accountability

An Accountability Partner Programme for daily accountability. Check in and check out with your buddy every day, cheer each other on and get some tough love when you need it. 

Member Challenges

Member challenges to help you get focused on the right things and create results in your business. Compete with other members or just yourself.

Your Questions Answered

Got a question that needs an in-depth answer or need some training? No problem. Submit your questions to the Get Real About Business Podcast and get your answers there.

Access to Private Coaching

Access to private strategy sessions with your personal business coach (yes, it's me!)
Just £45 per session - More than 50% discount.

Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes in my business so you can see what I'm working on and the lessons I'm learning along the way.


A Community of Like-Minded People

I have some truly quality business owners around me that I can turn to for advice, without judgement and know that I am not alone in my struggles.

Sam Bailey Managing Director

The Mastermind Calls and Accountability

The mastermind helped and continues to help me because of the accountability and consistency that are built in, together with the evident skill and experience that Clive has. Confidence-building is part and parcel of the masterminds, together with being able to brainstorm with other business owners who are at a similar stage in developing their business. Each of us at some time seems to have similar issues or questions which another member of the group may have managed to tackle for themselves and is able to share that experience to the benefit of everyone.

Janice Gilbert Business owner

Powerful Coaching and Mentoring

I’ve achieved more in these last few months working with Clive than I’ve done in several years!

Elaine Williamson

All the Latest Business and Marketing Strategies

Clive is constantly looking at providing new, up to date information and business tips that I otherwise wouldn’t find or consider.

Mark Sexton Director

Meet your personal business coach!

It's so brilliant that you're here. I only wish I could greet you in person.

I'm founder and small business coach at Get Real About Business. The Virtual Academy is my baby.

When I'm not hanging out here I can usually be found "poking my nose" around someone's business (quite literally!) or having fun in a training room. I've been coaching, mentoring and training people in business for over 25 years and I'm having the best time ever.

I didn't always work with small businesses. Prior to 2010 I used to run the corporate training department in a large local authority. I loved my job but got to the stage where I wanted to "sack the boss" and work for myself.

Originally I set out to deliver training to corporates. That's when I learned two things:

  • Starting and growing a business can be tough!
  • There were lots more people like me who were also struggling to grow their business.

The long and the short of it is that I needed help and went out and found it. I worked with a top coach in America and then a series of world renown marketing specialists. What I learned changed my business forever. Since then I've continued to dedicate my life to finding out the best ways to grow a business and I've been teaching them ever since.


Hoorah for Clive Maloney

Hoorah for Clive Maloney of Get Real About Business! I've known Clive for a while now from our networking meetings and up until a few weeks ago, I was certain I was doing ok... but since signing up to the Mastermind Group and taking advantage of the courses available to me, I can see how much I needed Clive's help to get me back on track!

Since joining, I have made some changes to the way I work and implemented ideas into the business, all of which are having a positive impact in the way I work.

Thank you Clive, for the much-needed boost!

Bijal Bennet

I created the Virtual Academy Inner Circle because business coaching and mentoring is simply unaffordable to most people who are just starting out in business.

Here is a quick recap of the benefits:

  • Access to all my current and future online courses (over 100 videos, cheat sheets and resources).
  • Weekly(ish) Tips and Tricks videos showing you cool ways to save time or get results in your business.
  • Two monthly Mastermind meetings where we take 3 people (either in a group call or a face to face meeting) and help them with an issue, problem or challenge they're experiencing.
  • check
    An Accountability Partner Programme to help you meet other members and gain mutual support and accountability.
  • check
    Member questions answered on my Get Real About Business Podcast.
  • check
    A private community (Facebook group) where you can connect with and get support from other people in a similar situation to you.
  • check
    Access to myself (at a fraction of the normal price) for private coaching sessions if and when you need it.

Join Today for just £35 per month!

(plus a one-time joining fee of £120)

Can I Afford it?

Okay, I get it. This is a sensible question to ask, but usually a sign of a deeper fear. That's more about will it work for me and will I regret my decision. 

Let me answer ALL those questions:

Q: Can I afford it?

A: To put things in perspective, the programme is just £35 per month and it will provide all you need to grow and earn money in your business. Seriously, what can you get (or stop getting) for £35 these days?

  • Your cable bill? 
  • That Starbucks habit. (You know what I'm talking about!)
  • All those McDonalds

Q: Will it work for me? 

A: That's up to you. Just being part of a membership programme is not enough. You need to complete the training, use the information you learn and above all, take action!

What you get back will vary. Some of my clients have gone on to double, triple and quadruple their business. Others have been happy to just have gained some extra clients and little extra cash.

Q: What if I change my mind or regret my decision to join? 

A: The first thing to know is that the risk you're taking is fairly minimal (£35 per month). If you have any problems, speak to me and I'll do my best to put it right. If you decide to leave, there's no ongoing commitment to stay so you can do so at any time.

PLUS if you really don't like it, you've got my 30-day unconditional happiness guarantee. (See below.)

Q: What if I don't have the time? 

A: Make the time! I'm not kidding - I'm just trying to give you some tough love. There will never be the perfect time for you to sit down and start planning and implementing things in your business. Part of what's required to run a successful business is committing time to business growth activities, not just playing fire fighter. The more reactive you are in your business, the slower it will go.

But remember... you still have my 30-day unconditional guarantee!


You can cancel your membership at any time. If in any way you are not completely satisfied, let me know within the first 30-days of becoming a member and I'll give you your money back in full INCLUDING your one-time joining fee.

You can start today for just £35 per month!

(plus a one-time joining fee of £120)

Two Personality Types - Which are you?

We all get stuck... in business and our personal lives. It's natural.

For some people it's because they don't know what to do. Therefore they need information and strategies so they can shortcut their learning curve.

For others, it's not that they don't know what to do. It's because they're not damn well doing it! Therefore what they need is someone to hold them to their course. To keep them on track and provide accountability so they get things done.

Reasons for being stuck:

  • Too many voices - With so many different people all saying conflicting things about what to do, it's tough to know the BEST way to grow your business. Everyone has an opinion and it's hard to know who to listen to.
  • No clear focus - Because there are so many voices and because there are so many things competing for your time and attention, it's difficult to know where to focus. As a result you go from one thing to another, never really feeling like you're getting ahead.
  • No defined financial or operational objectives - Sometimes we get so focused on working, working, working that we forget to set clear financial and operational goals. How can you possibly hit a target if you don't have one? People who lack financial and operational goals tend to end up the "busy fool." Seldom though do they realise it.
  • No specific marketing plan - We all know we need to market what we do, but do you have a SPECIFIC plan to do that? Is it written down? Is it working? 90% of entrepreneurs I speak to would say no to these questions and wonder why they're not generating enough money. NO PLAN = NO BUSINESS.
  • Frightened by the unknown - Fear is one of the biggest things that hold us back in business. What will happen if? What if things go wrong? What if I'm too successful and I can't cope? FEAR is just False Expectations Appearing Real. It causes us to procrastinate and it holds us back.
  • Overwhelmed with all you have to do in the little time you have - Which, let's face it, is damned depressing. It's hard to feel like you're making progress because all you seem to do is firefight.

The Get Real About Business Virtual Academy Inner Circle is designed to get you "unstuck." You'll get clear actionable guidance and training. It's a community membership so you're never really alone. If you feel stuck, let us know in our private FB group. Ask questions and tell us where you're at.

It's not just my support you'll be getting. It's the support, love and kindness of a community of people. What are you waiting for?

Join today to receive these fast action bonuses worth over £500!


90-Minute Strategy Session

A one-on-one private strategy session with Clive Maloney.

Sales Pipeline 101 Webinar

A step-by-step walk through of how to create a sales pipeline.

GUARANTEED Mastermind Seat

A guaranteed place on the next two masterminds.

Total value of fast action bonuses: £504
These bonuses alone more than pay for your one-time joining fee three times over.

"The biggest investment you can ever make in your business is in yourself. I know that sounds like a cliché, but it's true. You haven't got the TIME or the MONEY to make mistakes. Good business coaching and training will shortcut your learning curve and be one of the best investments you'll ever make.”

Clive Maloney's Signature

P.S. You'll learn from others as well as myself. I occasionally bring guest speakers in to share what's going on in their area of speciality.

P.P.S. Each of the members of the Virtual Academy Inner Circle all have a wealth of experience in their own right. When you put a bunch of smart people together, that adds up to a LOT of creativity and collective intelligence.

P.P.P.S. You'll love it!.

Final Call: because if you don't change, your business won't change!