December 20

#25: Developing Your Pinterest Sales Funnel


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Pinterest is among the top 10 social media platforms in the world. While you might think it’s all about sharing recipes, DIY tips and pictures of your home, Pinterest can be a very credible source of leads for your business.

In this episode of the Get Real About Business Podcast I ask Kathryn Moorhouse to walk us through the process of using Pinterest for your business.

Kathryn Moorhouse

Pinterest is what might happen if Google and Instagram were to have a baby. Can you imagine that marketing potential?

Yes, this is how Kathryn describes Pinterest; and for good reason. Pinterest is like Google in that it is a search engine. Instead of getting text results though, Pinterest provides visual results. It integrates very easily with your website and it’s fun platform to use.

In short, Pinterest is a great platform. The key then is to know how to use it for your advantage.

Today's free cheat sheet

My cheat sheet for you today maps out the sales funnels that Kathryn describes on the podcast. I’ve included crib notes on the different stages and listed the image sizes you should be using on your pins.

Make sure to have this handy when you’re working on Pinterest as well as when you’re getting to grips with the platform.



Kathryn and I have done our best to give you as much information as possible so you can make Pinterest work for your business. Did we answer your questions?

Leave me your questions, thoughts and comments in the comment box below. Better yet, join us on my private Facebook group, Earning the Right.

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Special thanks to Kathryn Moorhouse for joining me this episode. Until next time!



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