October 24

#55: How to Create a Predictable Income for Your Business Using this 2-Step Framework


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We assume that if we offer our customers more choices, then they’ll be more likely to buy our products since it’s more likely that they’ll find something they’re looking for. That’s why most companies offer a large variety of products.

But here’s the interesting thing about choice: if a prospect is presented with too many choices, they are actually less likely to buy.

This was proven by Sheena Iyengar and Mark Lepper from Columbia and Stanford University in a study about jams.

The Jam Experiment

On a regular day at a supermarket, customers would find a display table with 24 different kinds of jams. Then on another day, at that same store, people were given only 6 different types of jam to choose from.

The result: while the display table with 24 varieties of jam generated more interest, customers were far less likely to purchase a jar of jam than in the case of the smaller display (about ten times less likely).

The study shows that while choice seems attractive at first sight, choice overload generates the wrong results.

It was with great interest then that when I discovered Steve Martile's 2-step framework for creating predictable income I wanted to learn more.

As you can see from the infographic below, Steve's method isn't to just reduce the number of offerings his client promote, it's to slash them down to just one.

How would you feel about doing that? It's a brave decision, right?

As it turns out, this is also a very profitable decision. 

2-Step Framework: Step 1 - Initial Offer (5-6 weeks), Step 2 - Backend offer (months or years)

In this episode, Steve and I discuss:

  • A 2-step framework for generating a predictable income
  • Betting on one product
  • Standing by your ROI
  • Generating leads for your offer
  • And much more!

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