May 11

#13: How to Rock Instagram Like a Pro with Julie Maloney


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Want to know how to get over 900 highly engaged Instagram followers every single month?

No, it doesn’t involve buying followers. Forget that. Followers that you buy never engage with you. It’s a pure vanity thing. They almost never convert to paying clients.

Never pay for social media followers. It’s pure vanity and they almost never convert to clients.

What you want is for people not just to follow you, but also like, comment share and ENGAGE with your content. That means having actual conversations with you in order that you can get them into your sales funnel.

That is exactly what my guest on today’s podcast has achieved. She studied with the expert, built her following from scratch, and now her engagement levels are higher than many of her mentors on the social media space. Just check out her Klout score if you don’t believe me!

My guest expert today is Julie Maloney. Aside from having the amazing courage (misfortune, resilience – pick your adjective) to marry me, Julie is a life and business coach in her own right. More importantly right now, Julie knows Instagram inside and out. That’s why I wanted to get her on the show.

Today's free cheat sheet

Julie shared so many great tips I decided to pull everything together into one simple checklist that you can use when you’re working your Instagram account.

Download this and use it to review your Instagram feed. Keep it handy also for when you’re crafting your Instagram posts. I think you’ll find it really useful.



What I also recommend is getting hold of Julie’s eBook. She offers 15 Quick Tips to Mastering Instagram. It’s a great accompaniment for today’s episode.

If you’ve got any questions on today’s episode or if you’re not sure if Instagram is the right platform for you, go ahead and ask away in the comment box below. We’ll do our best to get back to you as quickly as possible.

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Special thanks to my gorgeous wife Julie for joining me this episode. Until next time!



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