May 19

#14: Taking the Guesswork Out of Following up on Leads

What You'll Learn

Spending time following up with and nurturing the right contacts is a key factor in generating sales in any business. Yet too many entrepreneurs leave this to chance.

While we tend to associate lead scoring system with direct sales teams, implementing such a system in your business can be a smart thing to do. Even solopreneurs benefit.

One of the major reasons why most entrepreneurs don’t develop such a system is that they simply don’t know how. But creating a lead scoring system for your business is actually quite a simple process.

Fewer than 1/3 of small businesses implement a lead scoring system, yet most wish they had.

Once implemented, a lead scoring system will enable you to see at a glance where each contact is within their buyer’s journey. You’ll be able to use it to focus your efforts on following up on people. You can trigger automated marketing campaigns and you can send relevant and timely content that will smartly move your prospects through your sales funnel.

Today's free cheat sheet

Implementing this kind of system in your business is not very complicated, but it can take a bit of time figuring it out. To save you the headache I’ve put together a cheat sheet for you.

In the cheat sheet I give you the formulas we discuss in the episode and a table of activities you might want to score, together with suggested scoring values and degeneration times.



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