March 16

#28: Starting Badly on Social Media


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You may be relieved to know that it’s not just you who gets a panic attack at the thought of social media. It seems most entrepreneurs recognise the need for a social media presence these days. Many loathe the idea of posting pictures of their dinner (quite rightly too) or worry whether they’re posting the right thing to draw attention to their business.

How confident are you about creating the right impression on social media?

Those in their twenties have grown up with the concept of connecting digitally with friends and following topics and brands that do social media very well. But not everyone is comfortable with it and have that nagging feeling that we really “ought” to be on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more.

People worry about what to post, whether it will be funny or interesting enough, they feel they don’t have time to come up with good content and do it every day, and even those who do post fairly regularly, worry that they are letting their followers down if they go quiet for a few days. Then there is the concern that you don’t want to be adding to the “noise” and are your posts just another annoying interruption to what people would much rather read?

In fact, some worry about this so much that they go into analysis paralysis and do nothing at all! But do you know what?

People really don’t care that much about you!

I know that might sound like an odd thing to say but find out what it has to do with the Rolling Stones in this podcast.

Discover how you can get back in control of social media very simply, finding time to engage with friends and family, knowing that your posts are building a following at the same time, almost while you sleep!

Many thanks to James who works with some big brands. He’s also done something very clever and researched ideas for social media content that you may not have thought of, bringing them all together in one book which he’ll tell you about towards the end of this podcast.

Be like Grandma and fall back in love with social media.

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Special thanks to James Berg for joining me this episode. Until next time!

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