April 30

#48: Would You Let Someone Eat for Free at a Restaurant?


What You'll Learn

Have you ever been asked if it is okay for someone to pick your brains?

It can feel nice when other people value your opinion and want to take advice from you. However, if you're a service provider business owner then your expertise and time are your most valuable commodities.

Like me, you probably accept that it makes sense to share a certain amount of expertise for free. After all, how else can you demonstrate your experience and the value you bring? Your word alone is rarely enough.

How much is reasonable?

But there has to be a limit. There has to be a point in which someone should pay you for your hard earnt expertise.

Most people are very respectful of your time, but every now and then you get someone who constantly wants to pick your brains and get as much free advice as possible.

They often have no intention of paying for your services and excuse themselves by either saying that they would pay you but they can't afford you or it's just a quick question (as if...) they need help on.

Letting someone constantly pick your brains is like allowing someone to eat everything on the menu at a restaurant and walk out without paying.

Worse still, it's your restaurant!

In this podcast, I explore:

  • The real cost of letting someone picking your brains
  • Giving your expertise (generously) on your terms
  • What to say when people ask if it's okay to pick your brains

For a more detailed breakdown of what's covered, check the "What You'll Learn" section above.

Today's free cheat sheet

During the podcast I share some scripts you can use when someone asks if it's okay to pick your brains. To save you time, I've pulled them together in a simple cheat sheet with space for you to write and adapt your own script.

Remember that the key to this is to have something ready in your head for when people ask you this or you'll falter and possibly give in. Make sure to practice your script until you're comfortable with it. That way you'll appear confident when you have to use it.



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