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Strategic Seduction with Steve Lowisz

#24: Strategic Seduction with Steve Lowisz

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When I heard about Steve Lowisz’s six-step “strategic seduction” process for attracting great clients and more sales, I loved it instantly.

It’s fair to say that marketing approaches have changed a lot over the years. Traditional interruption-based, debate and dialogue approaches are no longer as effective.

What I like about Steve’s formula is that at the core, it’s all about how human relationships work, and that is where modern marketing approaches are now. It’s about understanding human psychology and behaviours then tapping into that.

Too much of what we do in marketing is following the lead of others. We don’t spend enough time on thinking through our process for converting clients.

The big problem says Steve is that we spend too much time following the lead of other marketers. If we can think through more strategically about the process involved attracting great clients and communicate more effectively, our marketing efforts will improve.

Today's free cheat sheet

The strategic seduction formula Steve outlines is simple to understand, but the devil is in the detail. That’s why I’ve put together a cheat sheet that contains all my crib notes from this podcast episode.



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Special thanks to Steve Lowisz for joining me this episode. Until next time!

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