April 19

#47: This is Why You Lack Self-Discipline


What You'll Learn

With the best will in the world, every small business owner can lack self-discipline at times.

Often we can put it down to technology or other people:

Technology is an issue because we have so many alerts going off all the time from social media, emails, apps and more. Since most people struggle to go to the toilet without taking their phones, there's simply no getting away from one app or another that eats time into our day.

People are the other issue. They place demands on us. They ask things or tell us they need something. Worst still, they do it in a way that makes their agenda feel so more important than your own. Try as we might, other people's agenda can easily climb to the top of our to-do list.

A lack of self-discipline can cost you clients, revenue and ultimately, your business

While it's nice to blame external forces for our lack of focus (because it prevents us from taking responsibility), the truth is that we ALLOW other things to take precedence even when we know better.

Remaining a distraction junkie and failing to exercise greater self-control will mean your business will stagnate. In fact, it might just cost you your business.

In this podcast I discuss why you often lack self-discipline and how to find greater levels of focus and self-control. 

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