April 19

#4: How to Write Killer Email Blasts that People Actually Read


It’s all very well having a HUGE email list of subscribers, but it all amounts to nothing unless you’re getting engagement and people are reading your emails. With the barrage of emails being put out today by online marketers, how do you stack the odds to ensure that your emails get read?

In today’s episode of the Get Real About Business Podcast, we look at the most critical factors that influence open rates on your emails. That comes down to two main things – your relationship with your subscribers and your subject lines.

Subject Lines for Powerful Email Blasts

To fully illustrate what makes great subject lines in your emails, I give six powerful subject lines that work like crazy. One subject line experienced an open rate of 90%. Far outstripping the industry standard open rates of 32.4% that many marketers experience.

Today's free cheat sheet

To help you craft your own hot subject lines, as always, I’ve created a cheat sheet for you. Go ahead and make sure you download my 1,000+ powerful words for eye-catching headlines. It should provide great inspiration for your own email marketing and save you a bunch of time!



Also in this episode, I outline one of the most important email campaigns you’ll ever want to run. I call it the ‘getting to know you’ email sequence. It starts the moment someone requests your lead magnet and will dramatically increase your chances of keeping subscribers on your list as well as turn them into paying customers.

This is the third and final episode (for the moment at least), in which I discuss email marketing. If you haven’t done it already, check out my two previous episodes:

I’ve tried to make this episode work as a standalone so it makes sense without having first heard the previous episodes, but you’ll definitely benefit from checking those out.

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